With a good reputation around the world, Omescape have slowly been making their Eastwards, starting off in China, crossing the Pacific to California and then stopping off in Ontario and New York before jumping the Atlantic to reach London. They've not brought across their very best games yet, but they're definitely bringing something different to the city's scene.

- Overall rating:
Omescape: Penitentiary

The hardest game in the Omescape stable, this was my favourite of their three and combined some nice mental puzzles with some physical aspects and good flow. Warning: requires reasonable mobility, so talk to them in advance if that’s a concern.

- Overall rating:
Omescape: Biohazard Laboratory

The easiest game in the Omescape stable, this one lived up to their reputation – a nice progression through the game from easy to more challenging puzzles and a fun set to explore.

- Overall rating:
Omescape: Joker's Asylum

A tried and tested game from across the Atlantic, Joker’s Asylum is the first room where our team was fair and squarely beaten. Overall, not a game I enjoyed, but it still left me excited about what OMEscape are bringing to the table.