- Overall rating:
Enigma Escape: The Breakout

A game full of contrasts. Great centrepiece technology that should have been awesome but was let down by some usability issues. A huge centrepiece puzzle that was plain tedious and resulted in people missing parts of the games and, finally, where their first game took pride in being “real”, this time round several of the puzzles felt contrived.

CoLab Theatre: Hunted

A disappointing first half, especially for anyone who’s attended a Wiretapper event, and a damp squib of an ending left this experience wanting in spite of the middle of the show having a strong set, high octane scenes and generally good acting.

A Place in Time: Maman le Mot

A tongue-in-cheek ‘Allo ‘Allo style performance where I could never quite get my head round whether it was a serious game or not. When it was good, it was very, very good but there were a few too many moments where I was left disappointed.

- Overall rating:
Clue Adventures: The Book of Secrets

A game that literally puts some magic back into escape rooms. This is a tough escape room with lots of puzzles and plenty of challenge – possibly too much for a lot of teams. Take a biggish group along and keep your focus and you’ll have plenty of fun.

- Overall rating:
Mission Breakout: Codebreakers

A game that really gets you into the spirit of the Second World War codebreakers. If you can cope with a slightly claustrophobic couple of minutes, some loud noise early on and a little bit of frustration in a later puzzle then I think you’ll have an amazing time. If you’ve interested in the work at Bletchley Park during the war then I think this is a must do. Oh, and it’s inside a disused Underground station!

- Overall rating:
Do Stuff: Hostage Hideout

A game that took escape room logic to a whole new level with me continually feeling a disconnect between the very specific storyline they’d chosen and the nonsensical puzzling we performed. If you ignore that, there are a variety of enjoyable puzzles with one or two that you’ll find novel as well as one that you might find incredibly frustrating. Beautifully hosted with clues provided at appropriate moments.

- Overall rating:
ClueTrace: Mind Crime

A cleverly themed room that did a wonderful job of evoking the mind in a physical space but that was let down by a collection of puzzles that felt more like they had been randomly thrown in than careful collected to allow you to flow through the game.

- Overall rating:
Escape London: Area 51

A decently themed game which was generally enjoyable but was badly let down by a flawed puzzle and a broken lock.

- Overall rating:
Escape London: da Vinci

A solid but uninspiring game from the Escape franchise. While there were no big negatives in the room, ultimately there was nothing that got me excited.

- Overall rating:
Escape London: Escape Casino

A game packed full of uninspiring puzzles, a couple of which required some leaps of logic that overstepped the mark for me. You’ll get close to a full hour’s entertainment but I left feeling the game could have been so much more.