Exit Productions (London): Revolution

A kind of a souped-up board game with creative challenges, a bit of political debate and, to some extent, commentary, with a dose of diplomacy and, at times, espionage heaped on top. A little bit of something for everyone meant that it’s the perfect game to bring a bunch of people along to, confident that they’ll find a corner which suits them.

- Overall rating:
Clockwork Dog (London): Loop

One of the best games I’ve played in London. For a popup it was outstanding with a solid set, some great puzzle and wonderful aha moments throughout the game. It’s a travesty more people didn’t get to play.

A Door in a Wall (London): Horses for Corpses

Another evening of fun from a Door in a Wall. While still an amazing experience, the new format resulted in to a poorer experience on the immersive theatre side which wasn’t quite made up for with the impressive setting and reduced amount of queuing.

- Overall rating:
Breakin' Escape (London): Blackwing's Cave

A beautiful set, tough puzzles and a couple of innovations that make it stand out from the average game. The start and the end might frustrate a little but go in with your eyes open and I think you’ll have a good time.

- Overall rating:
Breakin' Escape (London): War on Horizon Alpha

A beautiful room that, ahem, pays tribute to the Star Wars universe. A tough opening puzzle, combined with plenty of red herrings, is likely to leave you frustrated but thereafter there’s a decent flow to the game and satisfyingly difficult puzzles for you to master.

- Overall rating:
Breakin' Escape (London): Butcher's Lair

A fairly standard escape room which in other venues would look fine but here felt like a poorer cousin in comparison to some of their other offerings. Solid, logical puzzles will keep you engaged but I worry that it’s a little bit on the easy side.

- Overall rating:
Breakin' Escape (London): Sherlock's Despair

A reasonably themed room with some tough puzzles that went totally wrong for us through a bad reset and a questionable GMing decision. Definitely a room where I’d recommend reading other people’s reviews though!

- Overall rating:
Breakin' Escape (London): The Flying Dutchman

A beautiful room with a very linear set of puzzles. Beginners will enjoy but as an enthusiast, I found that the strict linearity of it meant it was easy to get frustrated – as soon as you got stuck on one puzzle you were entirely blocked and there was nothing else to investigate.

- Overall rating:
Breakin' Escape (London): Heist Plan - The Garage

A surprisingly fun game given the car heist subject matter. Worth playing due to decent flow and solid puzzles with some physical and communication elements although it was let down a bit by faulty equipment.

- Overall rating:
Locked in a Room (London) - Invisibility Gene

Same old, same old. A very similar experience to their first room. Good enough for beginners but experienced players will likely feel it’s too expensive for a fairly basic experience.