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Prague Escape Review: Locked in Prague and Getaway

A review of the last few escape rooms from a short trip to Prague. Getaway and Locked In are well-established venues with enthusiastic hosts that ultimately left me feeling a little let down.

Prague Escape Review: Mind Maze and Door Z

A review of some fun but not amazingly challenging games from Prague across two venues, DoorZ and MindMaze. Consistently pretty sets but lacking in depth.

Prague Escape Review: EscapeX, Chess Key Room and the Padlock

Three of the highlight games of the trip, EscapeX: Pragueception, Chess Key Room and the Padlock: Mission 53 all had stunning sets. The puzzle quality might not have been as consistent in them but it was good enough to keep you engaged once you’d stopped being distracted by how pretty they were.

Prague Escape Review: Questerland

One of the high end escape venues in Prague, Questerland has three quality, beautiful games. Zombie is logical but relatively short and straightforward, Harry Potter has some slightly harder parts but is still relatively easy. while The Bank Heist is probably the harder of their rooms but has a couple of weak puzzles.

Prague Escape Review: Runaway

A split-site venue on the edges of Prague with six different escape room themes ranging in quality. The very best of these was one of the standout rooms in Prague, packed full of puzzles and with a serious wow moment during the game. Worth heading out to play Al Capone, Christopher Columbus and maybe the Buddha room.

Prague Escape Review: The Chamber

A review of the Chamber in Prague, five games including two which were amazing and another couple which were highly impressive. These are beautifully constructed games, well hosted, interesting (and varied!) stories and packed full of puzzles to keep you going for the full hour. If you’re only going to play at one venue in Prague, this would be the one I recommended.

- Overall rating:
Escapologic: Contraption

A game that turns the usual escape room setup on its head by having a smaller number of larger puzzles. As with most Escapologic rooms, don’t expect a plethora of padlocks but instead a mass of mechanisms – in fact, as the name suggests, expect even more than usual!

- Overall rating:
iLocked Nottingham: The Mummy

A game that aimed high but ultimately missed out because of a couple of flaws in the middle. Novices will revel in the beautiful set, the amazing automation and some cool mechanics but the flaws will probably take the edge off the game for the more experienced players.

- Overall rating:
Cryptology Nottingham: The Crypt

A game that was badly affected by a sequence of unfortunate events, albeit ones that could have been avoided with better design, resetting or hosting. That impacted the centrepiece of the game and what was left felt like a combination of uninspiring and repetitive puzzles with no real excitement.

- Overall rating:
Escapologic: Cryptic

A game which had a real sense of exploration as well as a stand out puzzle that got our whole team involved. A disappointing dearth of light sources left us wandering in the dark at times but as the game progressed that became less of an issue.