April 2016

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The Crystal Maze

The remake of the classic 90s TV series of the same name. With a million pound kickstarter, bookings stretching out a year in advance and media praising them left, right and centre they had a lot to live up to. How did they fare?

A Door in a Wall: A Veiled Threat

A once a month extravaganza in Islington. Easier puzzles but more interaction, this is another great performance from the masters of immersive, puzzly theatre.

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Atherton Escape Rooms: Train Waiting Room

A room whose difficulty is derived from an almost impossible to solve puzzle, rather than general hardness. If you go here, be prepared to be frustrated!

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Atherton Escape Rooms: The Missing Child

A very basic, unpretentious room. A decent game for novices, although experienced players will likely be disappointed by the decor and lack of interesting puzzles.

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Escape Blackpool: Contagion

A solid room with some brilliant moments. Great for novices, but still fun for small groups of experienced players.

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Omescape: Joker's Asylum

A tried and tested game from across the Atlantic, Joker’s Asylum is the first room where our team was fair and squarely beaten. Overall, not a game I enjoyed, but it still left me excited about what OMEscape are bringing to the table.

April 2016 news and rumours

All this month’s news from the London scene. AI Escape and the Crystal Maze finally open after a long wait, info on new games at clueQuest and Enigma Quests. Expansion at Handmade Mysteries and rumours of TV mention.