A Tourist’s Review of Vienna Escape Rooms

In February 2017, we were lucky enough to be invited out to Vienna/Wien for five days as part of filming a Red Bull’s Mind Gamers tournament promotion. As part of that, we managed to fit in 26 games around the city at some of the most highly recommended establishments. Generally, we played these as a four-player team, although there were just three of us for a few of the games. This post pulls together the various articles I’ve published (links below) with my recommendations.

The list of games to play was compiled with advice from Two Bears Life, the writers of the only review site I could find that covered Vienna, opinions from Viennese owners on other games to try and, where all else failed, painstaking combing of the Trip Advisor pages. My overall experience was that the quality of the games in the city was OK – around 20 of the ones we played were decent games (although, obviously, we were very careful to choose what we considered the best options!). The standard of English was high at virtually all the locations, with the single exception of Logikeller.

I’d encourage you to read the individual articles linked below but, if you don’t have the time or the inclination and you’re just looking to play three or four games, I’d recommend the following:

  • Crime Runners: Episode 3. While you’re there, Episode 2 is also well worth a visit from an enthusiast point of view because of its full on immersion.
  • Time Busters: The Mine (big beautiful game) and/or Labyrinth (one of the hardest, most original games I’ve played – but only if you’re an experienced player)
  • Real Escape Wien: If you’ve got two people and the premise isn’t too scary, then Claustrophobia is an amazing, fun two-player game.
  • Postscript: On a subsequent visit, I played Dragon Cave at Open the Door and think it’s worth adding to this list.

It really is worth reading the individual articles, though – there’s more detail on each of the games above that you’ll probably find useful. Note also that someone who visited Vienna and played many of the games has written up their thoughts in the comments below – well worth a read for a second opinion and for some of the rooms I didn’t play.

Detailed reviews for each of the venues and games:

That’s all, folks

I hope you found this write-up useful. If you did, then please let me know via email, and that will encourage me to write more in future. If you’ve got opinions on the above or, equally, if you’ve found some other gems that people should take a look at, do drop a comment below.


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    Hi there,
    thanks for your review: it was very useful.

    We played some of the rooms you mentioned, and we found some other gems as well.

    A short review of the rooms you didn’t mention:

    – Dragon Cave. Vote 4,5. Very beautifully made, interesting puzzles and very nice scenography. A little longer than usual (they give you 70 minutes). One of the best we played (and we played a lot).
    – The magician’s magic power. Vote 3,5

    – Opera. Vote 4,5. Astonishing scenography and nice puzzles.
    – Hotel. Vote 3,5.

    – Car thief. Vote 3. Original setting and the puzzles are perfectly in theme. Pity a bad game-master.

    ESCAPE HUNT (The third man, vote 3) and FOX IN A BOX (Mr Fox Office, vote 2,5): Not bad, but too easy for experience player.

    The rooms you reviewed:
    Bomb 2,5. Mind Boggling 3,5. White Room 4. Claustrophobia 4. Crime runners 1: 3; 2: 3,5; 3:3,5. Tresor 3,5.The mine 4,5. Insomnia 2. Indiana Jones 3,5.

    Gli Uscitori Mascherati (from Italy)

    1. // Reply

      Thanks. I went back to Vienna a couple of weeks ago and played Dragon Cave and agree that it’s a good game. Curious to hear that First Escape had a great game too – I wasn’t aware of them but will make sure to visit when I return next (maybe in May).

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