February 2020

A Tourist's Review of Athens Escape Rooms

A round-up of our trip to the Greek capital including pointers to our highlight games like the Paradox Project and links to all the individual articles.

- Overall rating:
Locked in Glasgow: Glasgow School of Magic

A gorgeous game, packed full of puzzles and with an interesting competitive twist in the middle. It delivers fun, logical challenges, and the scene-setting is the strongest I saw at Locked In Glasgow, where even the weakest rooms were well above average.

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Locked In Glasgow: The Heist

Locked In Glasgow deliver a beautiful room with plenty of fun, logical puzzles. It stands out from their other games because of the elegant museum setting and the sheer density of challenges on offer. If you’re an enthusiast, you should definitely play this game.

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Xcape Room (Glasgow): Magic Forest

A pretty space packed full of automated puzzles. Personally, I found myself feeling a little bit lost while playing; either uncertain of what I was meant to be doing or, when I’d decided on the right way forward, not entirely sure why that was the thing to do. I think it’s the sort of game that I think beginners will enjoy more than enthusiasts.

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Locked In Glasgow: The Surgery

A creepy, but not scary, experience that delivers great puzzles and plenty of surprises. It starts off reasonably innocuously but won me over with solid puzzles and a few clever touches that really help to deliver a great experience.