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De Gouden Kooi (Mechelen, Belgium): The Secret of Saint-Rumoldus

Intriguing narrative, great puzzles, an amazing set and a sense of flow that meant we were always looking forward made this one of the best games I’ve played. It might not be a well-known game in Europe but it deserves to be!

A Tourist's Review of Athens Escape Rooms

A round-up of our trip to the Greek capital including pointers to our highlight games like the Paradox Project and links to all the individual articles.

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Athens Escape Review: Adventure Arena - The Prison

A game that wasn’t all that I’d hoped for, but was still very good. The fantastic sense of exploration, a cool prison set and some challenging puzzles are more than enough to deliver a great experience to players.

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Athens Escape Review: Darkwood Village - Mrs Rose's Cottage

A beautiful game with some good puzzles. I think most teams will find it to be one of their favourite experiences in the city. I adored the start to this game, and I think the rest would have lived up to that had we not quickly reached the limit of what they could do from a scare point of view.

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Athens Escape Review: The Brainfall Hotel (Down the Rabbit Hole and Dark Seas)

A pair of fun experiences with gorgeous sets but with the actors that didn’t really add to the experience. In one, the actor got a bit repetitive, while in the other, the actors weren’t very relevant. Go in expecting an immersive theatre/escape room hybrid and you should have a good time.

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Athens Escape Review: Mystery Lab - Requiem

The problem with Athens is that there are so many great experiences that it’s easy to start getting blasé about them. If this game were in the UK, I’d be raving about it. There’s a cool start, a clever ending and a huge amount of exploration during the game. There are plenty of solid puzzles and some really fun ones. There are frights but not ones that overpower the experience. This is a very good game even by Athens’ standards, but in most locations it would likely be the best in the area and an absolute must-play.