September 2016

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Escape Room Centre: Secret of the Tomb

Another great TRAP-designed room. One skill based challenge is likely to frustrate, particularly for shorter players so if you lack patience make sure you bring the right people along! Great them and a good final puzzle.

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Escape Room Centre: Egyptian Room

A fantastic room with good theming, some tough puzzles, fun mechanisms and a decent finale. Expect to have to exert yourself though!

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Can You Escape York: Operation Lone Eagle

A well structured room that can easily handle large team sizes. Puzzles are carefully set out to make the room feel as logical as possible. Just when you think things are going OK, the room’s likely to hit back and, for smaller or inexperienced teams, leave you desperately short of time. Lots of searching, a couple of physical puzzles and plenty of padlocks to get past.

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The Live Escape: Prison Breakout

A search-heavy prison-themed room with great customer service and no handcuffs! Too many red herrings for my liking and not enough puzzles, but a fun game none-the-less.

London on a Budget

A round-up of all the discounts in the London area. If you know of more then feel free to comment!

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ClueFinders: Remy's Room

A fun and frantic detective game with a lovingly designed set. Less puzzling than I’d have liked but the constant progression gives you plenty to keep you occupied.

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Exit Strategy: Nostromo

The conspiracy continues – have reptiles taken over this spaceship that’s plummeting towards earth? A series of hand on puzzles involving science and technology reinforced the theme and helped to make this a really enjoyable game.

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The Escape Room Newcastle(-under-Lyme): Spy Mission

A room full of puzzles that I felt were extremely dubious that stopped us getting to a finale that looked impressive. I’ve been bitten by the Escape Room games once too often, so I don’t think I’ll be hurrying back any time soon.