February 2019

- Overall rating:
London Escaped: White Walker

A pretty game that suffered from having way too little content and a lack of exploration. The puzzles varied in quality with us really enjoying some and finding others were either too simple or required a leap of logic.

- Overall rating:
London Escaped: The Prisoner

A game that never really reached its potential. Frustrating puzzles, compounded by disappointing GMing, robbed the room of the excitement that some aspects of the rooms hinted it would offer.

- Overall rating:
London Escaped: Da Vinci

A beautiful set and some interesting electronics and mechanisms helped but some poor GMing and lack of player feedback took the shine off this game.

- Overall rating:
Enigma Rooms (Doncaster): Mafia

A beautifully presented game with a great opening scene and fun puzzles. The challenges weren’t particularly original but they did the job. A great beginners’ room that will still entertain enthusiasts.

- Overall rating:
Enigma Rooms (Doncaster): The Heist

A weak start plagued by ambiguity meant the Heist never got going in spite of its no-padlock promise and pretty lay out.

- Overall rating:
LetsXcape (Newark): The Rig

The Rig draws history from the surrounding area, has a beautiful, industrial set and delivers challenges that capture the physicality that a story about oil drilling needed. No single thing is amazing but there is more than enough here to impress and very little where it goes wrong.

Prague Escape Review: Coderoom

A review of the two games at Coderoom – one of which was average and the other of which was significantly poorer.

Prague Escape Review: The Padlock - Cemetery

Another great experience from the team at the Padlock. A stunningly decorated game with solid puzzles and good theatrical moments. Well worth playing if you’re in Prague.