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Escapem (Sabadell, nr Barcelona, Spain): Bajo Zero

A great game with a real feeling of adventure. There are good, logical challenges embedded within the experience but, if you choose the hard option, expect to find a couple that are less fun.

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Unreal Room Escape (Barcelona, Spain): La Mina (The Mine)

Outside the room We had time to play a single escape room on a recent family visit to Barcelona and, after getting some advice from a local enthusiast, we chose Unreal Room Escape‘s La Mina (The Mine) as a highly regarded room which was accessible for children. While, at first glance, its location in Hospitalet
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A Tourist’s Review of Malaga Escape Rooms

A round-up of the games we’ve played in and around Malaga including Prison Island, ParaPark and Torrenigma – by no means a complete set but at least something to point you in the right direction.

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Exit the Game (Málaga, Spain): Operation Kandinsky

A quirky room that I wouldn’t recommend to beginners but will be interesting to some enthusiasts. Don’t expect lots of puzzles but do expect a more “real” ending to the game.

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Rock Escape Rooms (Gibraltar): Casino

A fun game with a structure that should give enthusiasts decent value for money while not being too intimidating for first-timers.

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X-Door (Málaga, Spain): Haunted Prison

A classic prison start and unusual ending sandwiching a set of fun puzzles led to a very solid experience and one of my favourites in Málaga.

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Torrexcape (Alhaurín del Torre, Málaga, Spain)

A basic game that will do OK in a small town with no escape room experience but which was lacking when compared to Málaga’s offering which are just half an hour away.