March 2018

Party Geek (London): Hidden Figures

A review of Hidden Figures, a fun experience that saw us working our way through a variety of missions including a mini-escape room, interacting with a variety of actors and some tough moral decisions.

Warrington and Chester: The games that time forgot

A review of four games we played in mid-2017 at Escapism and Breakout in Chester and Clue HQ Warrington. Dungeon of Doom and Teleporter were both solid games while Amphitheatre and Disturbed paled in comparison.

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An afternoon in Manchester

A review of three rooms at The Escape Room in Manchester. As with most of the games at this chain, they were linear, relied heavily on darkness and didn’t generally produce puzzles that impressed. The one highlight between them was the Secret Lab, a game that used to be raved about but even that is showing its age.

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The Escapologist (Selby): Back from the Future

A game that was packed full of flawed puzzles. I can’t recommend it, which is a shame because it’s clear they’ve poured a lot of love into the experience, and each puzzle comes close to being impressive but sadly far too many of them end up being frustrating.

A Weekend in Paris

A write-up of a weekend in Paris where we played around 20 games across 10 venues. Plenty of fun but Epsilon Escape, Phobia and, of course, the Game were the highlights.

A Weekend in Paris: Escape Hunt

An enjoyable room with a few too many rough edges. The centrepiece to the game is impressive but it was somewhat spoiled for us by some clumsily added clues, a partially removed puzzle and a flat ending

A Weekend in Paris: Epsilon Escape

A thoroughly enjoyable game until we hit a breakage and some poor GM-ing that marred our experience. The Patient in Room 8 has some fun puzzles, a beautiful but simple set and plenty going for it – fingers crossed others don’t hit the issue we did.

A Weekend in Paris: Team Time and Leavin Room

A review of Team Time’s Zombie Bunker and Leavin Room’s Hostel, a couple of thematically scary games in Paris. Both had great sets with immersion that started well before entering the space but with puzzles that didn’t quite do it for me.

A Weekend in Paris: Team Break 9

A review of the three games at Team Break’s venue in the 9th arrondissement. All solid games but with a little over-reliance on searching and some puzzles that were disappointing. Lost, a plane-crash-based game was the clear winner for me.