December 2018

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Lucardo (Rawtenstall, Lancashire): Corruption

A refreshing room that showed padlocks don’t hurt good games. With decent puzzles and an original start and finish, this stood out from the crowd to be one of my favourite games in the area.

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Unreal Room Escape (Barcelona, Spain): La Mina (The Mine)

Outside the room We had time to play a single escape room on a recent family visit to Barcelona and, after getting some advice from a local enthusiast, we chose Unreal Room Escape‘s La Mina (The Mine) as a highly regarded room which was accessible for children. While, at first glance, its location in Hospitalet
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Netherlands Escape Review: Locked Amsterdam - The Liebermann Conspiracy

A room which was full of contrasts – stunning attention to detail in some parts with what felt like careless design in others. Still worth playing but be prepared to go through moments of frustration and confusion in what was, overall, an enjoyable game.

Netherlands Escape Review: Escape Rooms Zandvoort

A review of three fun games. Each was great in its own way – the racing game with an impressive centrepiece, the mine with wonderful decoration and the Boat Trip with a real feel of going on a voyage. Worth playing if you’re in the area.

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Netherlands Escape Review: Mysterium (Utrecht)

A fun room buried deep in Utrecht which will, perhaps unfairly, forever be associated with the smell of stuffed animals. Reasonable puzzles and theme but nothing that really excited me.