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- Overall rating:
Breakout Rooms (Watford): Spy Games

A game that would have been reasonably well received three years ago but now feels lacking. Fun for new players but with almost no decoration and basic puzzles, you’d be far better off heading to the centre of London.

- Overall rating:
Escape Game Brighton: Secret Agent - The Black Box

By far my favourite of Escape Game Brighton’s three games with prettier decoration, solid puzzles and a couple of nice tricks. I’d still recommend the other venues in Brighton instead though.

- Overall rating:
Escape Game Brighton: Murder at the Pier: Revenge

Puzzles that are mostly reasonable but nothing exciting, decoration that is lacklustre and tired and a shared GM. If you’ve not played every other game in Brighton, then I’d recommend heading to one of the other venues instead.

- Overall rating:
Escape Game Brighton: Return of the Mad Scientist

A weak set, a non-existent story, a shared GM, and the puzzles that, at best, were OK. There are plenty of good games in Brighton, but this isn’t one of them.

- Overall rating:
Bewilder Box (Bright): Judgement D.A.V.E.

A thoroughly enjoyable experience with humour, strong characters, fun sci-fi decoration and good puzzles. A room that manages to appeal to enthusiasts with stronger-than-average puzzles and first-timers with calm-inducing humour, plus a cluing system that feel like it’s just part of the experience.

- Overall rating:
Pier Pressure (Brighton): Modrophenia

A wonderful homage to a part of Brighton culture that I knew little about. Decoration-wise it’s impressive and there’s a decent story as well. A great option if you’re looking plenty of varied challenges.

- Overall rating:
Pier Pressure (Brighton): Pavilion Perplex

From the grand entrance right to the finish, a visually impressive game with chunky, thematic decoration. Expect a few weak puzzles but not enough to spoil the experience.

- Overall rating:
Prison Island Benálmadena (Málaga, Spain)

A collection of repeat-as-often-as-you-want games that challenge mentally and physically. A really fun experience that I think will become more prevalent over time.

Trends: Team challenge arcades

Thoughts on one future direction of the ER industry where teams play many entirely separate individual games as part of an overall experience.