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- Overall rating:
The Panic Room Gravesend: The Dollhouse

A room that managed to blend concepts together. Horror and humour. The beautiful and the macabre. Some interesting puzzles and decent set design added up to a game that I found surprisingly enjoyable.

- Overall rating:
Clockwork Dog (London): Loop

One of the best games I’ve played in London. For a popup it was outstanding with a solid set, some great puzzle and wonderful aha moments throughout the game. It’s a travesty more people didn’t get to play.

- Overall rating:
Clue HQ Manchester: CSI - the Panic Room

An impressive looking game that showed Clue HQ are more than just a bunch of padlocks in a room. A few too many rough edges left me feeling disappointed but excited for what they might produce in the future.

- Overall rating:
Modern Fables (London): The Escapist

A game that aimed to be fully immersive but, for me, fell short of the mark. An over-reliance on riddles, a set that was a little too bare and an ending that left me feeling they’d not hinted at quite enough of the story added up to make me feel underwhelmed.

- Overall rating:
Logiclock Nottingham: Pirates in Nottingham

A pirate based room in the middle of Nottingham! What else did you expect? Nicely themed but an excessively tough search job and a puzzle that felt like it went beyond being fun, left me feeling mixed about the overall experience.

- Overall rating:
Logiclock Nottingham: Made in Stein

A science-themed room with minimal decoration but some solid puzzles that were loosely themed around science. A solid game that won’t amaze but won’t frustrate either.

- Overall rating:
Lucardo (Manchester): Contamination

A room with reasonable theming that went down the route of quantity rather than quality for its puzzles. If you’re looking for (individually) hard challenges then look elsewhere but if you’re looking for a mad dash race through a bunch of puzzles then this is the game for you.

A Door in a Wall (London): Horses for Corpses

Another evening of fun from a Door in a Wall. While still an amazing experience, the new format resulted in to a poorer experience on the immersive theatre side which wasn’t quite made up for with the impressive setting and reduced amount of queuing.