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Escape Quest: Bad Clown

A wonderfully themed room with plenty of puzzles and props to keep you entertained and the golden ticket system means you’re virtually guaranteed to get almost the full 90 minutes in the room. Highly recommended!

London news and rumours - July 2016

All this month’s news from the London scene, covering, amongst other things, a crowdfunding campaign, Enter the Oubliette says goodbye, Mission Breakout and Escape Games open and Locked in a Room looks at moving to London.

Escape Game Rumours - 4 July 2016

Late-June/Early-July news and gossip from the UK escape room industry. Openings, closures, discounts, media references and more!

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Think Fun: Mystery at the Stargazer's Manor

This escape room in a box massively exceeded my expectations and highlighted what a poor job some real life escape room do. A good theme and puzzles made this an engaging 45 minutes for four people. Expect to see more of these in the future!

Block Stop: By the End of Us

A real-life first-person perspective game with one player controlling the main character and the “audience” controlling another character via a voting system.

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Agent November: Major X Plow-Shun

The original Agent November game recreates an escape room vibe in a London park. Expect a fun game with a very small amount of walking in a safe environment and a variety of puzzles using the local space.

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Hidden Rooms: Invisible Space

Outside the room It’s almost a year since I first visited Hidden Rooms, just after their initial opening. In that time, they’ve had an almost constant Groupon offer and the stories I kept hearing coming back were that the rooms were OK but the customer service was poor and some of the puzzles were broken. I
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