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Escape Rooms (Angel, London): Project D.I.V.A.

Another high tech room from the Escape Rooms stable. As with their other Angel room, they’ve traded some of the more difficult puzzles for a more arcade game style play which will likely appeal to some players while turning others off.

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TimeTrap Escape Rooms (Reading): Rebellion 1136

A thoroughly enjoyable, feel good experience that managed to transport us from the streets of Reading to the Dark Ages. The GMs/owners are friendly, the room is pretty, the puzzles are fun and there’s a subtlety to the puzzle structure that shows experience beyond the time they’ve been in the business.  

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Escape Rooms (Angel, London): Dark Side of the Moon

Is this where escape rooms are heading? I hope not in their entirety but I enjoyed this style of experience as something different from your typical escape room. Less emphasis on the puzzles and more on the adventure.

Parabolic Theatre (London): Morningstar

An intriguing backstory that failed to deliver on the night. The pre-show immersion, the introduction and the sense of exploration worked well but it lost its way in the main performance and then petered out.

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ClueCapers (Winchester): Mission to Winchintzy

I’m not entirely sure how you can get away with a room that’s decorated in such a chintzy style but somehow they did. A decent mission, a fun background story and good original puzzles, not to mention an awesome ending, helped making this a game I encourage people to visit.

- Overall rating:
SCRAP: Defender of the Triforce (London)

An escape room that doesn’t involving escaping or really being in a room. With low expectations going in, I was pleasantly surprised by the experience and by the end I have to admit that I was really enjoying things. Sure, the puzzles were, all too often, just pieces of paper but they’d thrown in enough of interest to keep me hooked till the end.

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Thinking Outside the Box (Peterborough): Merlin's Mystery

Another beautiful room from Thinking Outside the Box. This one was let down a bit for us by a few weak puzzles but I’m confident they’ll soon have them sorted and what will remain will be an incredibly strong game.