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Time Runs presents Sherlock: The Game is Now

Breaking news – Time Run have announced that they’re teaming up with BBC’s Sherlock to create The Game is Now, an escape room that’s bound to be a heady mix of mystery, puzzle and immersion…

Parabolic Theatre (London): For King and Country

An immersive game where, if you put your trust in the show, you’ll have a great time. Especially recommended for those who like to take a big role in immersive theatre productions.

- Overall rating:
Aftermath the Game (London): On the Brink

A fun, pleasantly chaotic game with a real sense of investigation and an interesting overarching storyline. The logic felt a little shaky at times, and the puzzle content could have been better but it was impressive that they’d managed to squeeze an eight-player game into little more than a suitcase.

- Overall rating:
Cyantist (Southampton): Crystal Maze

A game designed for people who love science and logic. I love both, and I did have some fun, but I also found a lot of frustration in the room. An evil level of difficulty and some rough edges mean you should think carefully before signing up.

- Overall rating:
Cyantist (Bournemouth): Clockwork Orange

An attempt to make a game based on science with physical puzzles but that turned out confusing, cramped and badly lit, with the only saving grace being a friendly GM.