- Overall rating:
Lock'd (London): The House of Alistair Moon

After an impressive introduction and a solid opening set of puzzles, the game never really got going – with two puzzles in particular that went well past fun and into tedious.

- Overall rating:
XScream Escapes (Ashford): The Corpsewood Killer and Bedlam

Two fun experiences which showed off the set design skills at XScream Escapes. Bedlam was our clear favourite, with more striking decoration, a real sense of exploration and better puzzles while the Corpsewood Killer was a more traditional style of escape room – still fun but a few weaknesses.

- Overall rating:
Breakin' Escape (London): Wizarding School

A beautiful game with a great sense of exploration, generally enjoyable puzzles and fun set pieces. A maintenance issue, a confusing puzzle and a disappointing cluing system detracted from what was otherwise a really fun game but I’d still recommend playing.

- Overall rating:
clueQuest (London) - cQ: ORIGENES

A game that more than lives up to clueQuest’s reputation with great story, decoration and puzzles. If you’re in or near London – play this game.

- Overall rating:
London Escaped: Da Vinci

A beautiful set and some interesting electronics and mechanisms helped but some poor GMing and lack of player feedback took the shine off this game.

- Overall rating:
Mostly Harmless (London): Phobos 17

An utterly endearing retro sci-fi game with a good set, fun GM-ing and solid puzzles. Fun for enthusiasts and a great introduction for first timers.

- Overall rating:
AI Escape (London): Project Ðelta

Another unusual escape room from a company that just doesn’t do mainstream games. Lots of story and hard puzzles – probably too much for some people! Oh, and did I mention that it’s 100 minutes!

A Door in a Wall (London): Memento Mori

A fun medium-length mystery from A Door in a Wall. Blink and you’ll miss it though – this was a one weekend only event that took place at the end of August.

- Overall rating:
Breakout Rooms (Watford): The Lost City

A far better experience than their first room in pretty much every department: better puzzles, better decoration, better reveals. It’s not somewhere you’d head to specifically to play, but it’s a fun enough experience for the Watford locals or if you’re passing through.