- Overall rating:
Omescape Aldgate (London): Kingdom of Cats

An eagerly-anticipated game that never lived up to its billing. As perhaps befits the cat theme, it felt more laid back than most games I’ve played but that took away from the excitement that’s core to escape rooms.

- Overall rating:
Lock'd (London): The House of Alistair Moon

After an impressive introduction and a solid opening set of puzzles, the game never really got going – with two puzzles in particular that went well past fun and into tedious.

- Overall rating:
XScream Escapes (Ashford): The Corpsewood Killer and Bedlam

Two fun experiences which showed off the set design skills at XScream Escapes. Bedlam was our clear favourite, with more striking decoration, a real sense of exploration and better puzzles while the Corpsewood Killer was a more traditional style of escape room – still fun but a few weaknesses.

- Overall rating:
Breakin' Escape (London): Wizarding School

A beautiful game with a great sense of exploration, generally enjoyable puzzles and fun set pieces. A maintenance issue, a confusing puzzle and a disappointing cluing system detracted from what was otherwise a really fun game but I’d still recommend playing.

- Overall rating:
clueQuest (London) - cQ: ORIGENES

A game that more than lives up to clueQuest’s reputation with great story, decoration and puzzles. If you’re in or near London – play this game.

- Overall rating:
London Escaped: Da Vinci

A beautiful set and some interesting electronics and mechanisms helped but some poor GMing and lack of player feedback took the shine off this game.

- Overall rating:
Mostly Harmless (London): Phobos 17

An utterly endearing retro sci-fi game with a good set, fun GM-ing and solid puzzles. Fun for enthusiasts and a great introduction for first timers.

- Overall rating:
AI Escape (London): Project Ðelta

Another unusual escape room from a company that just doesn’t do mainstream games. Lots of story and hard puzzles – probably too much for some people! Oh, and did I mention that it’s 100 minutes!

A Door in a Wall (London): Memento Mori

A fun medium-length mystery from A Door in a Wall. Blink and you’ll miss it though – this was a one weekend only event that took place at the end of August.