Surrey, East and West Sussex escape room guide

Here’s a map of all the games in this region. Click on the icons to see individual game information or scroll down to see recommendations for the region.

Note that positions of games are approximate to allow you to easily see info about individual rooms.

Top picks

  • Bewilder Box – the Brunswick – Judgement D.A.V.E (Brighton)
  • Bewilder Box – The Bewilder Box Initiative (Brighton)
  • Tulleys Escape Rooms – The Outfitters (Crawley)
  • Pier Pressure – Modrophenia (Brighton)

Highly recommended

  • Pier Pressure – Pavilion Perplex (Brighton)

Other good games: Tulleys Escape Rooms: Mutiny (Crawley), Escape from the Room: Cabin in the Woods (London)

Fun facts

  • I’ve played 10 of 26 open games in this region
  • If you include games of the same (or similar) design that I’ve played elsewhere, I’ve played 11.
  • Largest venue capacity: 21 – Tulleys Escape Rooms (Crawley).