July 2016

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Curiosity Shoppe

Many rooms try to give a feel of being in the past but this one really delivers. Not just old furniture, but a whole room full of antique props. Some good puzzles which built up to an enjoyable ending. Fantastic hosts really make this a great venue.

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Amazon Escape

A room that oozes Crystal Maze. If you always dreamed of playing a game in the Aztec Zone then now’s your chance. Some fun puzzles, although slightly over-reliance on padlocks and a disappointing final puzzle meant it wasn’t quite perfect.

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Escape Quest: Bad Clown

A wonderfully themed room with plenty of puzzles and props to keep you entertained and the golden ticket system means you’re virtually guaranteed to get almost the full 90 minutes in the room. Highly recommended!

London news and rumours - July 2016

All this month’s news from the London scene, covering, amongst other things, a crowdfunding campaign, Enter the Oubliette says goodbye, Mission Breakout and Escape Games open and Locked in a Room looks at moving to London.

Escape Game Rumours - 4 July 2016

Late-June/Early-July news and gossip from the UK escape room industry. Openings, closures, discounts, media references and more!