October 2016

Back soon

Hopefully short hiatus – more reviews soon!

Think Fun: Dr Gravely's Retreat

ThinkFun’s second escape room in a box was good, somewhat brief, fun but suffered in comparison to their first outing and at times felt a little repetitive.

- Overall rating:
Ultimate Escape: CSI Murder Mystery

A novel game with a huge amount of potential – pretty looking room, one very puzzle and some good searching. For me it was let down by the murder mystery being a little too loose and simplistic. Fix that and I think would be a top quality room.

- Overall rating:
Lock Down Escape Exit Games: The Lost Soul

A room that felt a bit two dimensional to me. At the Groupon/Wowcher prices it seemed reasonable value, but at full price this room just didn’t excite me and the fact that clues are given by the host walking into the room really put me off.

- Overall rating:
Cliffhanger Rooms: Bank Vault Heist

A mixed room that will likely appeal to novices but may leave enthusiasts feeling that there’s too much process required to solve the puzzles. Overall, I enjoyed it but if you get frustrated easily then steer clear!

- Overall rating:
Code to Exit: The Dark Ages

A beautiful room packed full of fun physical puzzles with the wonderful goal of retrieving the sword from the stone.

- Overall rating:
Escape London: Escape Casino

A game packed full of uninspiring puzzles, a couple of which required some leaps of logic that overstepped the mark for me. You’ll get close to a full hour’s entertainment but I left feeling the game could have been so much more.