June 2016

Think Fun: Mystery at the Stargazer's Manor

This escape room in a box massively exceeded my expectations and highlighted what a poor job some real life escape room do. A good theme and puzzles made this an engaging 45 minutes for four people. Expect to see more of these in the future!

Block Stop: By the End of Us

A real-life first-person perspective game with one player controlling the main character and the “audience” controlling another character via a voting system.

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Agent November: Major X Plow-Shun

The original Agent November game recreates an escape room vibe in a London park. Expect a fun game with a very small amount of walking in a safe environment and a variety of puzzles using the local space.

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Hidden Rooms: Invisible Space

Outside the room It’s almost a year since I first visited Hidden Rooms, just after their initial opening. In that time, they’ve had an almost constant Groupon offer and the stories I kept hearing coming back were that the rooms were OK but the customer service was poor and some of the puzzles were broken. I
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An intimate audio experience that played out in public. Theatre meets flash mob with a side-order of commentary on the surveillance state.

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Agent November: The Rainbow Syndicate

The easiest of Agent November’s games, the Rainbow Syndicate combines escape room concepts with an outdoor experience. Expect a short amount of walking around the area local to Euston and a variety of puzzles using the local space.

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Escape from the Room: The Curse of Old Maid Milly

A well thought out room with a good balance of searching and puzzles. A good challenge for beginners and experienced players alike, they offer a small sidequest at the end to allow for faster teams to get more out of the room.

Fire Hazard: Undercover

A brilliantly varied couple of hours wandering round the streets of London pretending to be spies. Fire Hazard, as ever, deliver an excellent urban street game.