January 2018

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Escape London - Shadwell: Escape the Seven Seas

A pretty game with some fun puzzles, but our enjoyment was severely impaired by the ambiguity of a couple of solutions. If you get easily frustrated, you should definitely steer clear of this experience but if not, then there’s definitely some fun to be had.

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Escape London - Shadwell: Witchcraft and Wizardry

A pretty room with a reasonable and nicely structured set of puzzles. Although it could most definitely be improved, we enjoyed our time in the game and, as London games go, it would sneak into my top half.

The Escape Book - Ivan Tapia

A great choice if you fancy a little alone time but still getting your escape room puzzle fix. A reasonable narrative and generally good puzzles make this a fun evening in.

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Trapp’d Peterborough: The Outlaws of Red Rock

An expansive game with a bias towards physical interactive challenges. The puzzles in this game help tell a story and the theming is impressive. Well worth a visit.

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Trapp'd Peterborough: Madame Curio's Cirque Delirium

An unconventional but fun escape room with a focus on skill-based challenges and interesting transitions. A great introduction for people who might find conventional puzzles intimidating and fun for anyone that doesn’t mind the (easy) skill challenges.

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Escape from the Room (London): The Cabin in the Woods

A review of this Sutton-based game which comes in 60 and 90 minutes versions. Created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts – this is a game that really shows how much love has been put in.

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Operation Escape (London): WWII - The Ops Room

A review of Operation Escape’s first game. If you’re a first time player, the hosting and reasonable puzzles will win you over but as enthusiasts we found ourselves a little underwhelmed.

A Tourist's Review of Hamburg Escape Rooms

A round-up of the 31 rooms that we played in Hamburg in late November 2017 including a summary of which rooms to play if you don’t have time to read the individual articles.

Hamburg Escape Rooms: Fluchtweg

A review of the two games at Fluchtweg. A couple of reasonable experiences which have been created with love but struggle to match up to the quality of the other games in Hamburg.

Hamburg Escape Rooms: Skurrilum

Home to the two best games I’ve played – the Ernie Hudson mysteries. They’re the real deal: immersion, exploration, theatre, puzzles, decoration, audio, flow and narrative. In every way I can image, they deliver. And the other games aren’t bad either. If you’re ever in Hamburg go and play these games. And if you ever have the chance to go to Hamburg, seize it!