London escape room guide

Here’s a map of all the games in this region. Click on the icons to see individual game information or scroll down to see recommendations for the region.

Note that positions of games are approximate to allow you to easily see info about individual rooms.

Top picks

Highly recommended

Other good games: Enigma Quests: The Million Pound Heist (London), Breakin' Escape: Heist Plan: The Garage (London), clueQuest: Plan 52 (London), Escape Rooms: Pharaoh's Chamber (London), Clue Adventures: 2 Tickets 2 Ride (London)

More good games: Breakin' Escape: Blackwing's Cave (London), Omescape: The Penitentiary (London), Do Stuff Escape Games: Pie and Mash Shop (London), Escape Land: Professor Oxford's Experiment (London), Mission: Breakout: Codebreakers (London)

Even more good games: Escape Rooms Angel: The Dark Side of the Moon (London), Handmade Mysteries – South: Lady Chastity's Reserve (London), Breakin' Escape: War on Horizon Alpha (London), Handmade Mysteries – Islington: Poppa Plock (London), Agent November: Major X Ploe-Shun (London)

Yet more good games: Adventox: Mission X (London), Mystery Cube: Mystery Cube (London), Escape London – Shadwell: Witchcraft and Wizardry (London), Escape Rooms Angel: Project DIVA (London), Aftermath the Game: On the Brink (London)

and a few more good games: Lock'd: Perpetuum Mobile (London), Modern Fables: The Escapist (London), Inkwell Investigations: Murder History (London), Escape London – Shadwell: Escape the Seven Seas (London), Popup Escapes: The Case of the Dynamo Diamonds (London)

Fun facts

  • I’ve played 59 of 92 open games in this region
  • If you include games of the same (or similar) design that I’ve played elsewhere, I’ve played 62.
  • Largest venue capacity: 78 – Locked in a Room London.

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