London escape room guide

Here’s a map of all the games in this region. Click on the icons to see individual game information or scroll down to see recommendations for the region.

Note that positions of games are approximate to allow you to easily see info about individual rooms.

Top picks

Highly recommended

Other good games: AIM Escape: Patient Zero 2150 (London), Enigma Quests: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (London), Breakin' Escape: Wizarding School (London), Archimedes Inspiration: Kill M.A.D. (London), clueQuest: Operation Blacksheep (London)

More good games: Mission: Breakout: The Lost Passenger (London), Escape Rooms: Room 33 (London), Escape Rooms: Pharaoh's Chamber (London), Enigma Quests: The Million Pound Heist (London), Breakin' Escape: Heist Plan: The Garage (London)

Even more good games: Do Stuff Escape Games: Evil Eatery (London), Clue Adventures: 2 Tickets 2 Ride (London), Mission: Breakout: Codebreakers (London), Omescape: The Penitentiary (London), clueQuest: Plan 52 (London)

Yet more good games: Handmade Mysteries – South: Lady Chastity's Reserve (London), Breakin' Escape: Blackwing's Cave (London), Agent November: Major X Ploe-Shun (London), Handmade Mysteries – Islington: Poppa Plock (London), Breakin' Escape: War on Horizon Alpha (London)

and a few more good games: Aftermath the Game: On the Brink (London), Escape Rooms Angel: Project DIVA (London), Escape Rooms Angel: The Dark Side of the Moon (London), London Escaped: Da Vinci (London), Escape London – Shadwell: Witchcraft and Wizardry (London)

Fun facts

  • I’ve played 61 of 132 open games in this region
  • If you include games of the same (or similar) design that I’ve played elsewhere, I’ve played 69.
  • Largest venue capacity: 78 – Locked in a Room London.


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    Hi im planning on going to one for my 32nd birthday. I like creepy things, any in particular that you recommend. Party of approx 20

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      Secret Studio is definitely the one – they can accommodate parties of up to 26 I think, you can all play the same game (which is great for chatting afterwards without having to keep things secret), it’s nicely creepy (without being gory or scary) and it’s one of the best games in London. No doubts in my mind that it’s the one you should choose.

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    I loved Secret Studio – my favourite of the ones I’ve played.
    I’m looking for another game in London in similar vein – creepy, atmospheric, with some good surprises.
    Any recommendations?
    Thanks very much! Great site!

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      AI Escape in South London is a very different type of creepy and atmospheric but I think would still meet your definition. It’s a good game but worth mentioning that it deals with mental health topics.

      Other options: Psychopath’s Den at AIM Escape is a potentially decent option. We played early on and they were still having some teething issues. I doubt you’ll think it’s as good as Secret Studio but it has some nice moments.

      Poppa Plock is creepy and funny at the same time. Personally I found the game frustrating but I played with a full team because, at the time, it was a public booking system. You can now book as a 2 or 3 I think which would change the experience immensely.

      I’ve not played but Komnata and London Escaped both have games that might fit the bill and they definitely have a focus on set design. Not sure about the puzzles though – I’ve heard mixed comments.

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