July 2017

- Overall rating:
Room Lockdown (Essex): Prison Break

The best of the Room Lockdown games. A very solid start in a reasonably well decorate game had me feeling optimistic but the puzzles and decor faltered as we continued and by the time we escaped I felt disappointed in what we’d played.

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Room Lockdown (Essex): Possessed Doll

A game that I didn’t really enjoy. The decoration was rough and ready, the puzzles felt basic, and I never got into any flow. Some elements were better – the intro and the exploration, for example – but nowhere near enough to make up for the rest.

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Clockwork Escapes (Wolverhampton): Alleyway

An amazing intro couldn’t make up for a game that felt lacklustre in several areas. The room while maybe authentic wasn’t the most fun place to be, the puzzles weren’t particularly interesting or varied while the overarching mystery felt like it lacked the details to give you a satisfying conclusion.

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Exciting Escapes Southampton: Breaking the Law

Probably the best of the three games at Exciting Escapes. Solid puzzles with a strong physical element, a real sense of progress during the game and a thrilling finale added up to a highly enjoyable experience.

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Exciting Escapes Southampton: Change the Record

Dance along to the 80s in this escape room packed with musical nostalgia. Good puzzles and an engaging theme add up to a lot of fun. Don’t rush this game – relax and you’ll soon get into the groove.

- Overall rating:
Exciting Escapes Southampton: A Hidden Past

A gentle room which would be perfect for beginners and still plenty of fun for enthusiasts. Solid, logical puzzles and a little bit of story but the real strong point was the immersion – with a house that felt genuine and background music that washed over you throughout the game.

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Find The Way Out (Kings Lynn): Witch's Lair

A room with interesting puzzle progression and physical layout but that suffered from relatively cheap decoration, fairly standard puzzles and a frustrating puzzle to finish the game.

- Overall rating:
Find The Way Out (Kings Lynn): Abandoned Ship

A room that was surprisingly endearing in a kind of home-made way. Most of the puzzles were reasonably straightforward but a couple showed better than average innovation

Exit Productions (London): Revolution

A kind of a souped-up board game with creative challenges, a bit of political debate and, to some extent, commentary, with a dose of diplomacy and, at times, espionage heaped on top. A little bit of something for everyone meant that it’s the perfect game to bring a bunch of people along to, confident that they’ll find a corner which suits them.