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Project Breakout (Brighouse, Yorkshire): Operation Clearsafe

A fun experience with logical puzzles that should appeal to players as long as they’re happy with mild scares. An interesting layout helps keep players engaged, although the linear puzzle flow may leave you feeling a little bit blocked, particularly with larger teams.

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X-it Games (Shipley, Yorkshire): Afterlife

A thoroughly enjoyable adventure which combines good puzzles with a fun sense of exploration and stunning set design. While there are a few places where individual teams might get stuck, this is still a room that I would absolutely recommend if you’re even vaguely nearby.

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Stuck in the Riddle (Huddersfield): The Dungeon

A fun game with a good sense of exploration, pretty decoration and a great use of space. All this was backed up by an enjoyable set of puzzles involving plenty of teamwork.

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Project Breakout (Brighouse, Yorkshire): Project Z

Outside the room After escaping from Project Breakout’s newest game, we had a short break in their waiting space before heading straight back inside to face Project Z, a post-apocalyptic zombie game that was the second game they created. Background You are in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse. By chance you’ve found yourself locked
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The Escaporium (Halifax): Operation Moonshine

An engaging Prohibition-themed room, with beautiful decorations, a magnificent centrepiece and puzzles that held my interest right till the end of the game.

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The Escaporium (Halifax): The Haligonian

A charming room and perfect for players who are looking for something that’s perhaps a little more cultural and touristy than your average escape room.