May 2016

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Lock'd: Perpetuum Mobile

The third game from Lock’d, Perpettum Mobile is a game which loses most of its locks and has a variety of novel ways to make progress. Particularly fun if you like a bit of technology in your games.

The House of Time and Wonder

Disney, Timeout and clueQuest take over a four storey townhouse in Shoreditch and fill it with flamingo croquet, a mad hatter comedian, an origamist and photo booths for a surreal evening’s entertainment.

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Omescape: Biohazard Laboratory

The easiest game in the Omescape stable, this one lived up to their reputation – a nice progression through the game from easy to more challenging puzzles and a fun set to explore.

There's something about Mary

Behind the scenes recording a TV show segment for What Britain Buys (Channel 4) on escape rooms with Mary Portas.

Hide and Shriek: Dead Centre

A fun, one hour zombie experience set in a working shopping centre. Plenty of zombies, lots of different scenes, good use of the space and a fitting finale.

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Room Escape Southend: Zombie Outbreak

An adrenaline rush of a game. On theme from before you even enter the room and an outstanding performance from the zombie, but let down by the puzzles.