November 2017

When Escape Rooms Go Wrong! (handling breakages and mis-sets)

My thoughts on handling breakages and mis-sets in a room. In some ways they’re the GM’s absolute nightmare but with a little preparation, you can smooth over them and, on rare occasions, actually turn them to your advantage.

Colour and lighting in escape rooms

A roundup of how colour blind people (and me in particular) are affected in escape rooms and what designers and owners can do to make life a little easier.

A Door in a Wall (London): Murder Most Fowl

A great taster event for A Door in a Wall. If you’re looking to organise a fun birthday party or corporate event with plenty of time for mingling then it’s a great choice. Don’t go in expecting their usual full scale events and you’ll likely come away very happy with the experience.

- Overall rating:
Tulleys Escape (Crawley): Mutiny

Tulleys deliver again with a beautiful set and solid puzzles. The one area where I felt that The Outfitters was lacking was on the physical puzzles front so it was great that this game was strong on that front with a couple of real standout elements.

- Overall rating:
Tulleys Escape (Crawley): The Outfitters

An impressive first outing for a team with plenty of experience in immersion and theatre but no background in puzzles. Outfitters is a beautiful game with solid puzzles that is about as expansive as they come – I’d highly recommend heading down if you get the chance.

Budapest Escape Review: The Other Rooms

The odds and ends from Budapest – a game you can no longer play at a venue that’s shut down, a game that had animals in the room so I can’t recommend and a game that is truly terrible and I caution you to avoid like the plague.

Budapest Escape Review: Enigma Mission

A 90-minute escape room in a house packed full of puzzles with something for pretty much everyone. If you’re in Budapest then I’d highly recommend heading along for an hour and a half of fun.

Budapest Escape Review: Escape Zone

Two games that had moments I enjoyed but also felt very tired and low budget. New players shouldn’t bother with them but enthusiasts who are playing a lot of games may find some of the ideas interesting.

Budapest Escape Review: Mystique

One of the stronger venues in Budapest, Mystique has a couple of good games and one great one. Well worth a visit if you’re passing through.