- Overall rating:
Indizio (Köln/Cologne): John's Secret

A game that looked the part and, I suspect, more than fulfilled the sponsor’s aims. First-timers will undoubtedly have a ball, but the more experienced may get a little frustrated with the in-your-face marketing section and the abundance of annoying red herrings. That said, there’s still plenty of fun to be had.

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Indizio (Köln/Cologne): Santa's List

A Christmassy delight with charming decoration, solid puzzles and a nice flow through the game. It might be a Christmas-themed room but don’t let that influence you – this is the sort of feelgood game that is fun to play at any time of the year.

A Tourist's Review of Berlin Escape Rooms

A round-up of our trip to the Berlin capital including pointers to our highlight games such as the Lost Treasure at THE ROOM and links to all the individual articles.

Berlin Escape Review: Outopia (formerly Claustrophobia)

A review of Vault 13, Museum of Contemporary Art and Pirate’s Hut. Great decoration and enjoyable puzzles with one game standing out for unique player interaction and another for unusual theming and decoration.

Berlin Escape Review: House of Tales

A review of three games at one of the top Berlin venues – Executioner, The Secret of the Pharaohs and Illuminati. Beautiful rooms with solid puzzles and a great sense of exploration.

Berlin Escape Review: Exit Game VR (Huxley)

A review of Huxley, the most talked-about VR escape room. Good puzzles, pretty sets and, surprisingly, a genuine sense of exploration both physically and virtually.

Berlin Escape Review: Exit Game

A review of the non-VR games we played at Exit Game: Biggs and Game of Crowns. Both were pretty but flaws in other parts of the game tempered the experience.

Berlin Escape Review: THE ROOM

A review of THE ROOM, Berlin’s best escape venue and home to The Lost Treasure, The Best of Berlin and Go West. Three great games with amazing theming and good, logical puzzles. If you’re ever in Berlin, THE ROOM should be on your to do list.