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Crime Runners (Vienna/Wien, Austria): Going Underground

A fantastic game which delivers ninety minutes of adventure and puts Vienna firmly on to the escape room map. It’s a game with no weak areas – the decoration, the story, the puzzles, the sense of exploration, the transition between rooms and the special effects are all impressive and combine to create an experience that you shouldn’t miss.

A Tourist's Review of Vienna Escape Rooms

A round up of all the games we played in Vienna – a great starting point for tourists to the city of what to play (Crime Runners!) and what to avoid (MindX!).

Vienna Escape Review: Open the Door

A whistlestop trip to Vienna allowed me to squeeze in a new escape room that’s opened since our main visit and a great escape room it was too. Fun decor, solid puzzles and a great sense of exploration.

Vienna Escape Review: Sherlockd

A slightly surreal escape room just round the corner from Real Escape Wien. Well worth tacking it on to a visit there given the proximity. If you have enough for two teams then the battle mode looked particularly intriguing.

Vienna Escape Review: MindX

A venue with one game that was OK and another that was one of the very worst I’ve ever played – bad enough that it became comical. I wouldn’t recommend visiting – there are far better destinations in Vienna.

Vienna Escape Review: Crime Runners

Our favourite venue in Vienna. Three games that told an engaging story, puzzles that were both logical and accessible and GMs who knew how to do their job well meant that this was a great place to spend an evening. If you’re only going to visit one venue in the city then this is the one.

Vienna Escape Review: Exithink

An escape venue that focuses on the experience more than the puzzles, Exithink produced a pair of beautiful rooms that felt in need of more puzzles. Dr Jones’ Office still felt like an escape room but Orpheum Theatre was more of a scare attraction with a few puzzles thrown in.

Vienna Escape Review: Logikeller

Three rooms that, while quite bare and functional, were ruined by poor hosting that was exacerbated by language difficulties. I wouldn’t recommend experienced players head along here, especially if they don’t speak German.