January 2019

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Prague Escape Review: Decrypt - The Red Room

A room that throws you off-balance from the moment you enter then delivers one of the most endearing, quirky experiences I’ve had the good fortune to play. If you’re looking for something in Prague that’s fun and very different from your normal room then this is the game you want to play.

Prague Escape Review: EscapeTheRoom.cz

Two games that were fun in very different ways. The first was an old school game that just seemed to flow well while the second was a beautiful game with cool theatre. The common element was a focus on telling a story within the room which both games achieved admirably.

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Break Escape (Loughborough): The Enchanted Forest

An enchanting game with a memorable start that throws you right into the heart of a beautiful fantasy world. Plenty of logical puzzles and little to frustrate plus some bonus challenges to keep more experienced teams occupied.

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Break Escape (Loughborough): Nerve Klinik

A scary game that packs in plenty of puzzles AND with GMs that are quite willing to terrorise you. If you’re easily scared, avoid like the plague but otherwise this is a fun experience where you can test yourself mentally in more ways than one.

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Lucardo (Manchester): University of Magic

Well deserving of its great reputation University of Magic was a fun, well-decorated room and, while the challenges focus more on observation than hard puzzles, there’s still some meat in there to keep you busy.

What's on at the Vault 2019?

A rundown of some of the shows in the 2019 Vault Festival that appealed to me including Escape the Jacket, Lamplighters and Werewolf: Live.

A Tourist's Review of 50+ Budapest Escape Rooms

It’s been an epic effort but, at last, I’ve finished my Budapest tourist guide. Everything you need to know about playing escape rooms in their European birthplace in one handy page…

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Budapest Escape Review: TRAP - Anachronista

A game that promised much – cool technology, a pretty set, fun puzzles and a great opening structure – but spectacularly failed to deliver on fun.

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Budapest Escape Review: Mindquest - Portal

A game that had some enjoyable puzzles but which had the edge taken off by too many red herrings, a lack of signposting on what you were meant to be doing and a finale that was lacklustre.