A Tourist's Review of 42 Budapest Escape Rooms

It’s been an epic effort but, at last, I’ve finished my Budapest tourist guide. Everything you need to know about playing escape rooms in their European birthplace in one handy page…

Budapest Escape Review: The Other Rooms

The odds and ends from Budapest – a game you can no longer play at a venue that’s shut down, a game that had animals in the room so I can’t recommend and a game that is truly terrible and I caution you to avoid like the plague.

Budapest Escape Review: Enigma Mission

A 90-minute escape room in a house packed full of puzzles with something for pretty much everyone. If you’re in Budapest then I’d highly recommend heading along for an hour and a half of fun.

Budapest Escape Review: Escape Zone

Two games that had moments I enjoyed but also felt very tired and low budget. New players shouldn’t bother with them but enthusiasts who are playing a lot of games may find some of the ideas interesting.

Budapest Escape Review: Mystique

One of the stronger venues in Budapest, Mystique has a couple of good games and one great one. Well worth a visit if you’re passing through.

Budapest Escape Review: PanIQ Rooms

Probably the company with the most rooms in Budapest, they’re most definitely going for quantity over quality. Other than some interesting exploration, there wasn’t much about these games that was noteworthy. Oh, except for the Heineken sponsored room which was surprisingly good.

Budapest Escape Review:

A solid set of five rooms. I wouldn’t particularly direct people to this venue in Budapest but neither would I dissuade them from playing. If you’ve got a large group who want to play an escape room at the same time then it’s one of the biggest venues in the city so might prove particularly attractive.

Budapest Escape Review: LogIQ Rooms

One of the famous old rooms in Budapest. Lots of people rave about their visit here but for me it was merely good not amazing.

Budapest Escape Review: ParaPark Budapest

The genesis of the European escape scene, I’d been looking forward to finally finding out what ParaPark had to offer. Unfortunately, the poor decor and maintenance in the games let them all down and the puzzles weren’t sufficiently earth-shattering to make up for it.

Budapest Escape Review: HintHunt

If you’ve played HintHunt’s early rooms be in for quite a surprise. Their submarine-based games are a massive step up and very, very different with a fantastic set and some interesting puzzles.