- Overall rating:
Get Lost Escape Rooms (Dover): World Fair Hotel

A fun game with a fantastic sense of exploration. For me, there was a bit too much searching and fewer puzzles than I’d like to see, but that didn’t dent the core enjoyment of the experience.

- Overall rating:
AIM Escape (London): Patient Zero 2150

This was a fun game with a variety of challenges and a fantastic set, but I can’t help but feel that it fell short of its potential. This could be a fantastic mission if they smooth out some of the puzzles and enhance the finale – fingers crossed they manage that.

- Overall rating:
Escape Hunt (Leeds): The Fourth Samurai

A solid game across the board – storyline, decoration, puzzles and finale were all good. If you want something that pushes the boundaries of escape rooms then go elsewhere but if it’s enough to just be good throughout then it’s a great choice.

Parabolic Theatre (London): For King and Country

An immersive game where, if you put your trust in the show, you’ll have a great time. Especially recommended for those who like to take a big role in immersive theatre productions.

- Overall rating:
Thinking Outside the Box (Peterborough): Retro

A fun throwback to an earlier age of gaming when times were simpler. A room full of references not only to iconic computer games but to how consoles and computers work. The puzzles were enjoyable but perhaps a little too logical with us taking it easy and still escaping in under half an hour.

- Overall rating:
Enigma Rooms (Sheffield): Voodoo

A charming game with pretty decoration, solid puzzles, a good gameflow and some memorable moments thrown in. According to the owner, this game was created before he’d really played any escape rooms himself, something that, with its series of good design-choices, wasn’t at all obvious.

- Overall rating:
Enigma Rooms (Sheffield): The Bank Job

A Jekyll and Hyde of a game. A great entrance, some cool props and a bonus mechanic that will push most teams all the way were some of the highlights, but some amateur puzzle implementation and lots of tedious padlock entry took the shine off for me.

- Overall rating:
Escapologic (Nottingham): Heistakes

A game with plenty of impressive moments – cool centrepieces, fun puzzles and an interesting storyline – but tempered by a frustrating finale and failing tech.

- Overall rating:
Unescapable (Derby): Edith

A fantastically scary game that I’d recommend to anyone who likes that genre of rooms. A wonderful sense of exploration combined with the actor interactions really help make Edith an intimidating experience.