September 2017

A Tourist's trip to Glasgow

A round-up of a couple of trips through Glasgow. Mostly poor experiences with the one highlight being Escape the Past at Pollok House, a room that would stand up reasonably well even if it weren’t in a heritage site.

- Overall rating:
Escape Asylum (Leicester): Hostage

A game with a few too many flaws for me to recommend a visit. There’s enough that first-timers will have fun, but an underwhelming theme, a lack of direction at key points and a finale that includes a bizarre set of puzzles added up to a distinctly sub-par experience.

- Overall rating:
Torrenigma (Torre del Mar, Spain): El Amuleto Arcano/The Arcane Amulet

In a quiet seaside town you might expect a relatively basic game, but what we found was a strong room that would stand up well in any market. It’s got plenty of interesting and logical puzzles, is well decorated and weaves in a story that you can choose to take or leave.

- Overall rating:
Popup Escapes (London): The Case of the Dynamo Diamonds

A very different game from your average experience. It’s not particularly challenging and, as a popup, doesn’t have the beautiful, solid finish of a permanent game. What it does have is fun – managing to be easily accessible for first-timers while still having enough that’s different from your average escape room to engage enthusiasts.

A Tourist's Review of Warsaw Escape Rooms

A round-up of the 37 (yes thirty seven) rooms that we played in Warsaw in August 2017 including a summary of which rooms to play if you don’t have time to read the individual articles.

Warsaw Escape Review: Amazeing Escape

A couple of great games to finish our trip and great options if you’re heading out to Modlin airport to return home. Head Hunter had some great touches while The Island was a more traditional room but with some great sets.

Warsaw Escape Review: House Escape

Two games with solid cores but aspects that left us feeling disappointed and frustrated with the overall experience. The GMing came across as unhelpful at times and, while that may have been down to the language barrier, it left us feeling less enthusiastic about the rooms.

Warsaw Escape Review: Dom Zagadek VR

A top quality selection of rooms. The weakest room was still plenty of fun while the other two were some of the best we played over the weekend in Warsaw.