April 2018

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Hour Escape Rooms (Peterborough): The Black Diamond

A fun game with an enjoyable finale. A couple of the puzzle caused frustration and with nothing to truly novel to compensate for that, I don’t think this game stands out from the crowd.

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Thinking Outside the Box (Peterborough): Retro

A fun throwback to an earlier age of gaming when times were simpler. A room full of references not only to iconic computer games but to how consoles and computers work. The puzzles were enjoyable but perhaps a little too logical with us taking it easy and still escaping in under half an hour.

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Lockdown Escape Rooms (Oldham): A.W.O.L.

A game that sits somewhere in the middle of the road. It’s a fun hour, made all the better by friendly GMs, but the puzzles were reasonably standard with a few rough edges and, while the decoration was probably on theme, this is a theme that’s hard to make truly exciting.

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Enigma Rooms (Sheffield): Voodoo

A charming game with pretty decoration, solid puzzles, a good gameflow and some memorable moments thrown in. According to the owner, this game was created before he’d really played any escape rooms himself, something that, with its series of good design-choices, wasn’t at all obvious.

- Overall rating:
Enigma Rooms (Sheffield): The Bank Job

A Jekyll and Hyde of a game. A great entrance, some cool props and a bonus mechanic that will push most teams all the way were some of the highlights, but some amateur puzzle implementation and lots of tedious padlock entry took the shine off for me.

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- Overall rating:
Stuck in the Riddle (Huddersfield): The Dungeon

A fun game with a good sense of exploration, pretty decoration and a great use of space. All this was backed up by an enjoyable set of puzzles involving plenty of teamwork.