November 2018

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Cave Escape (Nottingham): Carfax

A true rival for Curio in Nottingham, Cave Escape is a fantastic game that takes you on a journey through the underground world of Nottingham.

Netherlands Escape Review: Escape Room Eindhoven

A venue that I wouldn’t recommend visiting in spite of some unusual games. One was truly terrible, one very poor and the third, an otherwise intriguing game that was ruined by a pointless automated clue system.

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Mostly Harmless (London): Phobos 17

An utterly endearing retro sci-fi game with a good set, fun GM-ing and solid puzzles. Fun for enthusiasts and a great introduction for first timers.

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AI Escape (London): Project Ðelta

Another unusual escape room from a company that just doesn’t do mainstream games. Lots of story and hard puzzles – probably too much for some people! Oh, and did I mention that it’s 100 minutes!