January 2017

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Escapologic: 13utcher

A must do for fans of scare attraction. If you’re of a particularly nervous disposition then I’d stay well clear – the puzzle pay off isn’t worth the stress you’ll go through during the game. For those of us in between, I think it’s the sort of game that you’ll like appreciate more than enjoy – and as an enthusiast that was more than enough.

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Escapologic: Howitz

A search heavy room that I was on the verge of disliking when it took a turn and started to become much more puzzly. Another room where different people on the same team can have very different experiences so think carefully about who you want to take on which challenges.

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Enigma Escape: The Breakout

A game full of contrasts. Great centrepiece technology that should have been awesome but was let down by some usability issues. A huge centrepiece puzzle that was plain tedious and resulted in people missing parts of the games and, finally, where their first game took pride in being “real”, this time round several of the puzzles felt contrived.

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Breakout Liverpool: Shipwrecked

A short review for a short game. We crashed through this room in record time finding the exit after less than quarter of an hour. Along the way there were fun puzzles and good theming but in the end, it’s hard to overlook the brevity of the experience.

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Breakout Liverpool: Cursed Carnival

A reasonably well themed, not very scary carnival game. Good puzzles and a reasonable flow made this an enjoyable experience.

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Breakout Liverpool: Wanted (Indians)

The harder half of the Wanted escape game at Breakout Liverpool. Very little by way of set, dubious puzzles and no story development left me underwhelmed.

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Lucardo: Virginia House

A very solid escape room with a good number of decent puzzles but nothing that really stood out. A few rough edges along the way leaves it in that range of games where I’ll still recommend people play but won’t do so enthusiastically.

What's on at the Vault 2017?

A rundown of some of the shows in the 2016 Vault Festival that appealed to me including Houdini’s Last Trick, >taur_, Decide-A-Quest, The MMORPG show and Werewolf Live.

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Lucardo: The Dream

A great game with bold imagery and good use of lighting throughout. Aside from an annoying directional puzzle and fiddly technology, the puzzles were logical and fun. A joy for enthusiasts and experienced players alike.

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ClueFinders: The Tomb

An enjoyable room that never really got me excited. The decor was a bit bare and while there were a couple of things to keep the attention of the enthusiasts, it never really felt like it flowed.