July 2017

- Overall rating:
Puzzlescape (Dereham): Sleight of Hand

A physical-puzzle lover’s paradise. Solid, logical puzzles made this game a fun time in spite of a lack of immersion.

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Puzzlescape (Dereham): The Diamond Hunt

An OK game that was spoiled for me by some overly difficult searching. If that’s what you’re in to then definitely give it a go but for most people I think it will be frustrating.

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History Mystery (Norwich): Archived Alive

A game that felt a little bit confused but was rescued by a very solid GMing performance. If you’re playing at History Mystery then I’d recommend their other game which is superior in terms of setting, puzzles and immersion.

- Overall rating:
History Mystery (Norwich): Body of Evidence

A well structured linear game set inside one of the disused jail cells under Norwich’s guildhall. The puzzles were a little lacking but overall it delivers a good experience for players.

- Overall rating:
The Escapement (Margate): Egyptian Exodus

An immersive game that also delivers on the puzzle front – maybe not in numbers but in quality and difficulty. A great experience although let down by a slightly flat finish. Still highly recommend, though.

- Overall rating:
Escape Kent: Kidnapped

A typically grim serial killer game but with a better-than-average interior and a couple of nice twists.

- Overall rating:
Canterbury Escape Rooms: Jail Escape

A fun game that leans lightly on the history in Canterbury. Good GMing, solid puzzles and a nice sense of exploration added up to a very enjoyable experience.

A Tourist's Review of Amsterdam Escape Rooms

A roundup of all the games we played in Amsterdam including at Questomatica, Sherlocked, Save Amsterdam, Escape World, Boom Chicago, MyEscape.Club, Logiclocks and Locked.Amsterdam. 18 games and not one of them was bad – this may be the city with the highest average quality of all that I’ve played.