Lock'd are one of London's older multi-site ventures and produce solid, but not very difficult, games. I'd recommend them for beginners as a nice introduction to the genre, but if you're an experienced player I think you'll feel the experience is too short if you go with more than one other person.

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Lock'd: Perpetuum Mobile

The third game from Lock’d, Perpettum Mobile is a game which loses most of its locks and has a variety of novel ways to make progress. Particularly fun if you like a bit of technology in your games.

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Lock'd: Grandpa's Last Will

Outside the room Well, this is embarrassing. As you may have read in the last escape room post (on Museum Warehouse) we’d had a lot of fun and finished quite quickly. On escaping, our host said that since we’d got out so¬†quickly, there was enough time for us to sneak into Grandpa’s Last Will before
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Lock'd: Museum Warehouse

A straightforward but fun escape room in Bermondsey. Plenty of puzzles, ranging from the very straightforward to the quite fun. A little bit of technology and lots of searching.