Edinburgh Escape Review: Can You Escape?

A review of Can You Escape? Edinburgh’s Operation Odyssey room, a game that was amazingly well designed with clear progress, parallel, logical puzzles, a pretty set and a fun ending.

Edinburgh Escape Review: Locked In Edinburgh

A roundup of the three games at Locked In Edinburgh. The Secret Lab is the jewel in their crown but Animal Hospital and the Distillery both deliver solid experiences too.

Edinburgh Escape Review: Escape Hour

A review of Escape Hour’s Diamond Heist, a fun filled adventure which shows that it doesn’t take high tech puzzles to make a good game.

Edinburgh Escape Review: Exit Plan

A review of the three rooms at Exit Plan in Edinburgh. The experience across the games was almost entirely consistent – good, logical puzzles, great GMing, sufficient decoration to convey the theme but no more and a basic storyline that they didn’t expand upon during the games. Choose what you’re going to do and do it well!

- Overall rating:
Locked In Edinburgh: The Secret Lab

The Secret Lab is, to put it simply, a brilliant game. I was left pretty much speechless for quarter of an hour after playing. It delivered a coherent set of puzzles that meshed beautifully with the story, forced you to criss-cross the space throughout the hour, made good use of technology and pitched itself at a perfect difficulty level. The satisfaction at having made your way across the expanse of puzzles was awesome. At the time of writing, this is my favourite game. Ever.