Fire Hazard

Something a little bit different

A quick round up of various London activities that you might find interesting. Temporary escape rooms, immersive theatre, urban gaming and puzzle experiences. If you hear of anything else then obviously let me know!

Fire Hazard: Undercover

A brilliantly varied couple of hours wandering round the streets of London pretending to be spies. Fire Hazard, as ever, deliver an excellent urban street game.

Background   Before I’d even got home from City Dash: Code Red my team mates were already organising a trip to Shadow over Shoreditch, a monster packed version set over in the City. On the face of it, this looked very similar. Get codes, avoid guards, compete against other teams. We’d enjoyed it last time round, so
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Background When I’m not escaping, working or spending time with my family, you’ll most likely find me running. Unlike with escaping, it’s been a slow burning romance, where I started off hating it, started to like it, then love it, and eventually became addicted to it. I’m a bit of a loner though and most of my runs are early morning affairs
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