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Room Escape MK: The Sphinx Chamber

A game that would have been the worst one I’d ever played had I not just come from playing their first room. It’s an incredibly sparse space with almost no puzzle content, no flow and very little of interest which I left feeling frustrated and disappointed.

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Room Escape MK: Decipher the Voynich

This was a truly terrible game from start to finish in almost every way imaginable. From the moment we arrived to find ourselves being asked to wait in a kitchen through the totally bare room, the tedious, tenuous, terrible puzzles, the unhelpful host, the battered props and right through to the disappointing finale.

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A Great Escape: The ENIGMA room

A fun game pitched at a good level of difficulty with plenty of puzzles but ultimately a temperamental puzzle, a set that was a bit drab and the unnecessary information overload at the beginning left me feeling that the game could have been so much better.