Amsterdam Escape Review: MyEscape.Club

A review of the two games at MyEscape.Club. Back to the USSR is very much targeted at relative beginners but did its job well enough to make it still enjoyable for small groups of enthusiasts. Judgement Day delivered a true mission of a game which would work incredibly well for small groups of enthusiasts.

Amsterdam Escape Review: Questomatica (formerly Claustrophobia)

Two games that are highly rated by enthusiasts but felt a little flat to me. Arcade Invasion had the potential for being brilliant but lacked direction and we encountered a real issue with the hinting. Wake up! didn’t have quite as much potential but delivered better. Both games are well worth a visit when you’re in Amsterdam though.

Amsterdam Escape Review: Boom Chicago and Locked.Amsterdam

Two more great Amsterdam games. Escape through Time was an excellent experience that very much felt on the theatrical end of escape rooms. Locked.Amsterdam was was a hard mission in a beautiful environment although at times those hard puzzles required a bit of a stretch.