room lockdown

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Room Lockdown (Essex): The Curse of King Anum

Once again, the game was strong in its sense of exploration but an incredibly repetitive set of puzzles left me feeling frustrated during the game in spite of some of the strongest puzzles at the venues also being on show.

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Room Lockdown (Essex): Prison Break

The best of the Room Lockdown games. A very solid start in a reasonably well decorate game had me feeling optimistic but the puzzles and decor faltered as we continued and by the time we escaped I felt disappointed in what we’d played.

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Room Lockdown (Essex): Possessed Doll

A game that I didn’t really enjoy. The decoration was rough and ready, the puzzles felt basic, and I never got into any flow. Some elements were better – the intro and the exploration, for example – but nowhere near enough to make up for the rest.