After moving slowly southwards through the UK, I seem to have finally come to rest in London. I’ve always liked puzzles and thinking, and I enjoy a bit of theatrics and the pressure of the clock so, when I found out about this new form of immersive entertainment, I was drawn in straight away.

I first came across the delights of escape rooms at clueQuest (back when it was a single room in an industrial area in Tottenham). I was hooked immediately but unfortunately had to wait for the rest of London to catch up.

The blog started out as a review of games in London but has slowly expanded its scope to include London news, reviews of games from around the UK, reviews of adjacent entertainment (such as immersive theatre and urban street games) and, more recently, escape tourist guides to European cities. Basically, anything that I find interesting and I think might be of interest to other enthusiasts.

I’ll try my hardest to avoid spoilers but, should you feel that any of the articles give away too much, let me know and I’ll reword appropriately. Almost everything in here is my own work and, where it’s not, that’s made very clear in the article. All my reviews are my opinion. If you want to get in touch, then feel free to comment on the posts, or email me on ken@thelogicescapesme.com.

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PS Full disclosure: I also run exitgames.co.uk but try my hardest to keep them separate: Exit Games for the news, The Logic Escapes Me for reviews!

Game Operators

If you run or are setting up an escape room in/around London, please do get in touch. I’d love to hear your plans, and I’m happy to offer advice, cover your game in my monthly updates and retweet opening offers. If you’re outside London, then I’m happy to be invited along to play your game, whether that’s to beta-test it or to provide feedback. I’ll almost always then publish a review but, if you’re in early beta-testing, I’m happy to agree to some level of privacy. I’m a little stricter if you’re inside London – I want all London-based games to be reviewed properly on the blog.

While I will accept complimentary games (it’s an expensive hobby and it’s sometimes hard to convince friends to join me on yet another escape room trip!), I will only do so if you’re happy for me to publish a review. Obviously, in the event that the game is complimentary, I will try my level best to make sure that doesn’t influence the rating, and I will always make that clear in the review so that I keep things as transparent as possible.

I will *not* beta-test London games, as I don’t think that’s fair on the readers or venues.


If you want to quote text from my website, you’re more than welcome, but please do attribute it back to me, and it would be great if you could drop me an email to let me know. If you want any specific comments on escape rooms, then get in touch (via email). If you’re looking for hard data, I have a wide selection of information that I can provide – just let me know what angle you’re using for the story and I’ll try my best to provide you with something relevant.

Mainly for vanity purposes, past media appearances include:


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    You should come to Israel to try out the room there are over 300 which is a massive amount for a country with so few people, most rooms are in the centre of the country and its easy to get round, every room is available in English.

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    Hi! Really enjoying reading through your blog. We went to Budapest last year and completed 9 games whilst in the city in a group of 4. Thinking of going away again for the purpose of escape games, but it would only be myself and my husband. Is there any specific European city you would recommend? The price is so reasonable in Budapest and probably hundreds more rooms to do, but I’d like to go somewhere new!

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