June 2016

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Clockwork Dog: Langstroth's Last Riddle

A short-lived popup in the North of London proves that you can put together an escape room on a limited budget, if you choose a venue carefully and take advantage of it to set the scene. A team to watch out for in the future!

A Door in a Wall: Played to Death

Another installment from the masters of the immersive theatre treasure hunt. A brilliant murder mystery puzzle to solve, some fun puzzles along the trails and great immersive theatre.

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AIEscape: Leo's Path

The first game from a new venue in Bermondsey, Leo’s Path has much to offer in set and story, but the puzzles left me utterly bemused. Definitely not a beginner’s room, but an enthusiast can sit back and enjoy the beautiful concept.

London news and rumours - June 2016

All this month’s news from the London scene, covering, amongst other things, a crowdfunding campaign, Enter the Oubliette saying goodbye, news on Mission Breakout and welcome to Clockwork Dog.