For me, clueQuest are the number one escape room company in London (and from my relatively limited experience) anywhere else. From their humble start in 2013 they've steadily grown - moving venues as necessary to add new rooms and new games. With nine rooms and three different games, they're now the biggest operator in London and given the quality of their games below,┬áthat shouldn't come as a surprise! Even better, it's a family run operation with four brothers running the show in their Kings Cross base.  

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clueQuest (London) - cQ: ORIGENES

A game that more than lives up to clueQuest’s reputation with great story, decoration and puzzles. If you’re in or near London – play this game.

The House of Time and Wonder

Disney, Timeout and clueQuest take over a four storey townhouse in Shoreditch and fill it with flamingo croquet, a mad hatter comedian, an origamist and photo booths for a surreal evening’s entertainment.

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clueQuest: Plan52 (the one with the red box)

I’ll always have fond memories of my first ever escape game. Yes, an industrial estate wasn’t the most impressive setting, but it’s not the outside, it’s the inside that matters. Great game, easing beginners gently into the genre before exposing them to a host of different puzzles.