The London Meta Ratings [DRAFT!]

[This page is a work in progress, but publishing to allow people to start consulting it now].

This page brings together other people’s opinions on London escape rooms to give you a crowdsourced view of the games.

Note that I’ve not put much effort into making it easy to use, but you can filter the results to get ratings from specific rooms or reviewers.

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Note that this is open to anyone who’s been to a few London escape rooms, as long as they don’t have a vested interest in any of them and who wants to help guide people to good rooms. Happy to link back to other blog and provide a little bio at the bottom if you want – real names or pseudonyms welcome. Drop me an email if you want to join in the fun!




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    To be clear, the contents of this list (as of today) are ratings by members of The Logic Escapes Me, correct? (“The Logic”, “The Handler”, “The Writer”, “The Reacher”, “The Blasphemer”.)

    You also have a “detailed ratings” page ( I take it the difference is:
    – You would like to expand the meta-ratings page to include other reviewers, not just your own group?
    – The detailed ratings represent an editorial view of your group, this page has the raw scores from your group members? (I assume after you guys play a room, you all assign it a number…)

    Or maybe I misunderstand some things? We’re traveling to the UK so I’m pulling together all the reputable review data I can find. (In reality most of the bloggers seem to roughly agree on what’s good and what’s not.)

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    The Logic Escapes Me is a review from a single person (me!) and the scores on the comparison page are ones that I’ve given to individual rooms that I’ve played.

    This page (i.e. the meta-ratings page) currently contains individual review scores from friends of mine who’ve played a few games. Some of those were people who escaped with me, some escaped separately – I’m happy for anyone who has no vested interest in specific London escape rooms to be a part of the rating.

    Does that make sense? Feel free to drop me an email if you want me to suggest specific ones based on what you’re looking for. I can also give you a heads up on any new rooms that might be open in the timeframe when you’re visiting.

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      That makes sense, thanks! I assume you’re “The Logic” in the meta-ratings.

      I will probably contact you offline at some point. So far I’m just booking stuff up, starting at the rooms you give the highest rating and also at the end of our trip (that way we save the best rooms for last) and working my way down the list and forward in time.

      We’re kinda voracious, different members of our team like different things, and in general we like variety, so I’m sure it will be fine.

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