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ParaPark Malaga: The Fourth Element

A fun game which unfolds nicely. Simple puzzles, but some nice mechanics and a visually enjoyable finale. Would recommend if you’re in Málaga.

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Sherlock Unlock: Mutiny

A much improved offering from Sherlock Unlock but far too short. Escaping in a third of your allotted time can never be a good result, especially not when it’s rated as maximum difficulty.

The Game's Afoot: The Case of the Poisonous Poet

Some of the best immersive theatre in London in an iconic venue with a masterful plot. If you play the game well this has the potential to be an amazing show. Sadly, I didn’t and that tempered my experience. Read the review to make sure you don’t follow my example.

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Hide and Shriek: Alien Escape

Very disappointing puzzles but excellent set and theatrics. If you think of this as an escape room you’ll likely be disappointed. If you treat it as a scare attraction I think you’ll enjoy.

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Live Escape Essex: Dr Wilson's Office

A solid room with a decent theme but let down by some not very exciting puzzles. Worth playing if you’re in the area but not one I’d travel to.

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Live Escape Essex: Room 13

A room with a slight scare factor that shouldn’t put you off. Good theming but let down a bit by basic puzzles.