Hint Hunt: John Monroe’s Office


Outside the room

Several months had passed since I’d last visited Hint Hunt, and, frankly, not much had changed. Same OK, but not inspiring venue. Same crowded waiting area. The hosts make you feel welcome though, so while it’s not an amazing experience, it’s perfectly passable. I’d come with two rooms’ worth of people this time, so it was a little crowded, and waiting for people to use the bathroom was a bit of a pain, but otherwise all was good.


You’re here to solve the death of John Monroe, a recently deceased private investigator that the police believe was murdered. His office has been sealed off, but you’ve managed to gain access to solve the crime.

Inside the room

It’s a reasonably well kitted out room, with just enough ornamentation to keep you occupied, but not so much that you’re searching through a million red herrings. There wasn’t great depth in the puzzles, and my biggest complain was that the puzzles weren’t “obvious”. Usually once I’ve found out the answer, I kick myself for not being able to work it out quicker, but not on this occasions.

There was one high tech puzzle (which to be honest, didn’t fit very well with the rest of the theme), but most of it was standard fare. In fairness, with this being the original London escape room, it’s not at all surprising that the puzzles are standard – I suspect many of them have been copied!


Both teams got out with about ten minutes to spare, but we’d had some clues along the way, so it wasn’t the most satisfying of victories.

Verdict –

This was the original London escape room, so for that alone, I’m glad I went. As with pretty much every room I’ve visited, taken on its own it does well. I just don’t think it’s as good as the vast majority of its competitors. Neither the surroundings nor the room itself stand out, so I’d have to say that unless you’re a particular fan of the genre, I’d take your business elsewhere (where? take a look here for some ideas)


After eating in Drummond Street on our last visit, we decided to head East this time and experience Mai Sushi. Decent, and not too expensive Japanese restaurant. I’m not a sushi eater myself, but the Katsu Don was good.

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