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Crime Runners (Vienna/Wien, Austria): Going Underground

A fantastic game which delivers ninety minutes of adventure and puts Vienna firmly on to the escape room map. It’s a game with no weak areas – the decoration, the story, the puzzles, the sense of exploration, the transition between rooms and the special effects are all impressive and combine to create an experience that you shouldn’t miss.

Vienna Escape Review: Open the Door

A whistlestop trip to Vienna allowed me to squeeze in a new escape room that’s opened since our main visit and a great escape room it was too. Fun decor, solid puzzles and a great sense of exploration.

Vienna Escape Review: Time Busters

An interesting array of games split which I wouldn’t have guessed came from the same design house. There was beauty, complexity and some wonderfully sprawling games. At times we may have been frustrated but I’d definitely recommend enthusiasts pay a visit.