Budapest Escape Review: Mystery Games

A fun venue with some great themes. The Egyptian game was disappointing but the Medieval and Aztec games were both worth playing and, in particular, managed to make searching fun.

Budapest Escape Review: Verem

A perennial favourite amongst enthusiasts, I found this venue to be a little lacking. The games were by no means bad but each had its failings and I was left wondering what left enthusiasts so excited.

Budapest Escape Review: MindQuest

A venue with a huge range of quality. At one end a very basic game that had a long list of flaws. At the other, a thoroughly enjoyable tomb game that was one of the highlights of our trip.

Budapest Escape Review: E-Exit

A venue with one great game and two that are solid but not exciting. Heaven & Hell is one of the stand out games in Budapest and should be on your to do list but only visit the other two if you’re doing 20+ games.

Budapest Escape Review: Pirate Cave (Kalózbarlang)

One of our favourite games in Budapest, the Pirate Cave has a beautiful set, some good puzzles, a novel cluing system and an amazing transition. A little out of town but worth the journey.

Budapest Escape Review:  Magic Rooms

A relatively unknown game in the suburbs of the city, Atlantis was one of the most enjoyable we experienced during our first visit to the Hungarian capital. I’ve got reservations about whether it has the necessary robustness to retain that quality experience but if it does then it’s well worth a visit. By reputation, the Hangover game most definitely isn’t though!

Budapest Escape Review: TRAP

A review of TRAP, provider of quality escape rooms that have been franchised across Europe. Medieval, Egyptian and Armageddon are all good rooms that I think enthusiasts and beginners will enyoy.

Budapest Escape Review: Scavenger

Three disappointing games from a much-lauded venue in the centre of Budapest. In a city where games often don’t have as much attention to detail in the set design, perhaps this stood out but the puzzles weren’t as interesting and while the GMing in the room was OK, the general organisation outside the room was disappointing.

Budapest Escape Review: Gozsdu Mission

A good quality venue in the heart of Budapest. The White Room is famous amongst enthusiasts, and deservedly so, but the Maffia Room was good fun too.

Red Bull Mind Gamers (part 2)

A write up of all the stuff we got up to around the sides of the Red Bull Mind Gamers tournament – a brief mention of the games we played, the activities we were involved in and the final itself.