- Overall rating:
CTRL ALT ESC (Margate): Spacescape

A high-quality game that I’d recommend playing. Fun puzzles, but the real stand-outs were the sense of exploration, the humorous interactions with a game character and an interesting start and finish.

- Overall rating:
CTRL ALT ESC (Margate): Frankenscape

Pretty much everything you could want in an escape room: plenty of logical puzzles, great theming, humour and a thrilling finale. Plus – and this almost always seems to be a sign of a good room – it’s ninety minutes long, so there’s more time to build up the atmosphere.

- Overall rating:
The Escapement (Margate): Egyptian Exodus

An immersive game that also delivers on the puzzle front – maybe not in numbers but in quality and difficulty. A great experience although let down by a slightly flat finish. Still highly recommend, though.