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TimeTrap Escape Rooms (Reading): The Divide

An impressive achievement: exposing players to the bitter realities of homelessness, treating that subject matter incredibly sensitively, giving positive messages about how society can help and still managing to make what was a thoroughly enjoyable game. A game that you should play if you ever get the chance.

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Time Trap (Reading): Imaginarium - 1863

The second outing from the impressive Time Trap team in Reading. An interesting take on the Alice in Wonderland theme, this game saw us entering Lewis Carroll’s mind in order to restore the memories he used to create his most famous book.

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TimeTrap Escape Rooms (Reading): Rebellion 1136

A thoroughly enjoyable, feel good experience that managed to transport us from the streets of Reading to the Dark Ages. The GMs/owners are friendly, the room is pretty, the puzzles are fun and there’s a subtlety to the puzzle structure that shows experience beyond the time they’ve been in the business.